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THIS IS NOW. an exhibition starting this friday 27th of april together with NON FORMAT, HORT, DVEIN, SAWDUST, VASAVA, NAM, HEY, DEANNE CHEUK, JASPER GOODALL, HVASS&HANNIBAL, SAM GREEN, HELLOME, SERIAL CUT and JESSE AUERSALO at TM51 in oslo, norway. curated by the great team of OH YEAH STUDIO.


we are featured with some record covers in a new book released by gestalten. it's called echoes of the future.


ICFF is agency of the week on page-online.de.


gestalten space, a bookstore and gallery opens tomorrow in berlin/mitte with the CUTTERS EDGES exhibition. pre opening tonight at 6 pm, public opening tomorrow.


ICFF goes fashion.


we are featured with a little piece in the current issue of the great grafik magazine. more of this work soon.


we have recently been featured in the current issue of wallpaper* magazine as one of the 24 key players in the berlin graphic design and publishing scene. that's a huge compliment. information graphics done by the design agency onlab.


oliver wiegner a.k.a. ICE CREAM FOR FREE a.k.a. me is doing an exhibition starting with a vernissage this saturday / 2nd april / 7 pm at neonchocolate gallery in berlin. it's a duo show together with robert g. bartholot, which is such an amazing artist. everyone is pretty much welcome!


now you can purchase ICE CREAM FOR FREE prints at SØCIETY6. printed in different sizes on bright white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag. shirts, hoodies as well as iphone cases are following soon.


we have a new facebook page. please click the like button and get our news instantly on your facebook.


the new issue of FORM MAGAZINE with a special feature about the berlin design scene is out now. and as an extra special bonus, there is a poster inside designed by ICFF.


a new decade, a new book. our favorite publisher victionary has released their awesome book FLASHBACK. it's a collection of retro design in contemporary graphics and we are featured with some pieces. it's available at amazon or amazon.


watch this video featuring our awesome buddy max-o-matic doing a collaboration with f.c. barcelona midfielder sergio busquets initiated by nike and foot locker.


found this via our statistics of weblinks today.
like the girl but what the hell is this?! new kinda spam?
anyway, good taste lola, thank you. (she doesn't look like a "lola" by the way).


you can find pictures of the cutters group show opening there.


more informations about the CUTTERS group show in nyc...


we are featured in the book NEULAND, which has been edited and designed by the great barcelona based studio TWO POINTS. this outstanding collection of new german design is available as a german and english version.


we will be a part of the CUTTERS group show together with HORT, MAX-O-MATIC, SAIMAN CHOW and other great artists at CINDERS GALLERY in brooklyn, new york from october 16th through november 16th this year. most excited.


image of the day at printmag.com.


we will be a part of the DESIGNERS AGAINST TIBETAN ABUSE exhibition starting with a launch party at THE GALLERY in london tomorrow. you can get more informations there and there.


DEMON - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


DO CHARITY! since today you can buy one of our artworks at an ebay auction. it's printed on a 60 x 90 cm (23 x 35 inch) canvas and is signed by some well-known german artists like peter fox, clueso, sido, bela b., t. raumschmiere and others. the whole amount goes to the berliner tafel. GO FOR IT!.


the 10 best designers you don’t know about (yet).


one of our submissons we contributed to the EIN HARTZ FUER BERLIN poster contest has been selected.


we are featured in the new issue of COMPUTER ARTS. they called us one of the ‘10 hottest new digital creatives...’. thanks a lot.
buy it but don't get your fingers burned.


our OMEGA CODE poster as an iphone wallpaper among all the others (23 officials + 20 fan winners) is downloadable here.


we jumped the TWITTER train.


give us a visit at BEHANCE NETWORK and join lots of other really interesting work.


the band OMEGA CODE started a poster contest and picked our submisson as one of 20 selected wich will be published in a book by IdN this year.


we are really pleased to get a big six spread feature in the spanish magazine PASAJES DISENO. it's issue #10 and available at some spanish newsstands. a big thanks and a hug to our pretty talented friend max-o-matic.


DESIGNERS AGAINST TIBETAN ABUSE BOOK which contains a piece of art done by us is on sale now. get it at ENLIGHTED GIFTS for £20 including p&p. all proceeds from sales of the book will go directly to projects supported by TIBET RELIEF FUND
more info on our WEBSITE and at DAHRA not handling it at any time


we exhibit from 21st of november until 12th of december together with jim avignon, tina winkhaus, sublime and schinderwies productions in regensburg, germany. curated by the KUNSTVEREIN GRAZ.


change can happen. hope a lot will follow. (image © shepard fairy)


isla and jared are PURPLE CRUSH and they are the most adorable people straight from new york we ever met. but they don't just make great music; they are running a great blog too. don't miss it!


adam port, most fashionable dj and great guy to party with, dedicated a really nice blog entry to us. besides that keep an eye on his blog.


nathalie, a close friend and great artist, has launched her new website. so FLIP A COIN and enjoy.


end of july we are doing visuals for EROL ALKAN, TIEFSCHWARZ, ASCII.DISKO and METOPE amongst others. we are happy to do this together with our friends of FLASHFORCEONE and FLIP A COIN at FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE BENICÀSSIM in spain.


derrik our beloved studio cat has died yesterday. derrik we love you, miss you and will never forget you. you are the best cat friend ever. have fun wherever you are now.


we have built a new website. it looks quite like the old one but it's based on a new cms which is called indexhibit which is great. enjoy.


ICFF™ is featured with some kind words on a four spread article in the new NOVUM MAGAZINE issue 0608.


our homies at FLASHFORCEONE did an awesome music video for dapayk & padberg. enjoy it.


verbundstoff is a podcast about the music and art scene in berlin. they mentioned us in issue no. 5. yeah.


ICFF™ is featured in the new issue of IdN magazine. it's the music + image issue v14n6.


ICFF™ is published with some pieces in different books and magazines.for example logo a lot / BNN tokyo, designnet magazine / korea and young european graphic designers / DAAB.


the new issue of candy magazine is out now. there are lots of great designers and studios inside. for example c100, frankenstyles, jeremyville, loveworn, serial cut, the designers republic...ICFF™ is featured with some samples and an interview in part one starting on spage 161. enjoy.


ICFF™ is doing visuals at benicassim festival in spain together with FLASHFORCEONE this weekend. come and join us.


buy some nice tshirts we have done for the japanes fashion label and a. the second and fifth in the homme section.


ICFF™ is showing some work in berlin/neukoelln this weekend. so let's shake hands at the L32 location between 22nd and 24th of june.


listen to dj reznik's new mix online. he is a good friend of us and awesome behind the tables.


the latex for fun book is out now. you can by this great book edited by our friend and great designer maximo tuja a.k.a. max-o-matic at die gestalten.


flash recordings is releasing their fourth record today. the artwork is coming from ICFF™ and the tracks are coming from london based florian meindl and it's called my way. to get a description of all flash releases go to wordandsound.


sometimes you get a mail of someone who likes your stuff. that's nice but outdated. this guy is kinda cooler. he has completely ripped off our whole website. we like him. we had updated our site last week. he should update too.

EDIT 28/08/2009

he has updated too ;-)


nick o. viehl, a close friend and great artist, opens his exhibition at damenundherren gallery in duesseldorf tonite. if you are in this area, enjoy the vernissage. the exhibitions runs until march 16th.


our friends of node berlin got a new member, a new website and they offer the best link-list ever.